Thursday, September 29, 2016

Esqido Lashes and Companion Glue

Lately I've been wanting to use falsies more for special occasions and although I have my drugstore go-to's, I was dying to try some mink lashes, which I've seen everywhere lately.

Esqido was nice enough to send me their ESQIDO Mink Lashes and their ESQIDO eyelash glue to try out!

Esqido Lashes in Oh so Sweet and Companion Lash Glue

Let's review the facts from the Esqido Mink Lashes:
- Esqido lashes can be worn upwards of 25 times vs 3-4 for drugstore falsies
- Soft cotton band that's flexible
- Hypoallergenic
- Cruelty Free!  Lashes are made using hair that the minks have already shed, no animals harmed.
- Companion Lash Glue: strong all day hold, formulated for mink lashes and latex-free, it's a gentle mixture that extends the life of your lashes. With a fine tip wand, you'll be able to apply the right amount of glue to your false lashes, every time. Suitable for any type of false eyelashes.

I normally use Ardell lashes which are only good for about two to three uses.  I always wondered could I really justify buying lashes for $32 when $3 lashes served their purpose?Well my friends, the lashes from Esqido are totally worth it!  Considering you can get at least 25 (and probably more if you take care of them) uses out of the Esqido lashes, that makes them no more expensive than Ardelld per use (it works out to about a dollar a use on both brands).

The Oh So Sweet lash style was perfect for me.  It added enough drama to make my eyes stand out without looking overboard.  They are super light and the band was so comfortable that I actually forgot I was wearing them!  The quality of the actual lashes is outrageously good.  They look like natural lashes, not with the high sheen drugstore lashes tend to have.

I did need to trim a tiny bit off the inner corner but I need to do that with all lashes since they tend to poke me in the tear duct for some reason.

Their Companion Lash Glue is no joke - the lashes were almost hard to get off at the end of the day because the glue was that good.  Sometimes Duo lash glue lifts up a little in spots and I worry if I don't keep it in my purse the track might just lift right off.

My only wish was they wouldn't glue the lashes down to the packaging as much because they were a but hard to remove, but that's such a minor detail.  I love the packing and that I can reuse it to store them.  The boxes would also stack nicely if you had multiple pairs (a girl can dream, right?).  I always manage to mangle the plastic drugstore packaging and they aren't ideal for storage so then what?  My dog loves to hunt bugs and I always worry she might mistake my lashes for spiders or something ☺️.

Take the Esqido Lash Quiz to discover your personality style!

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Thank you to Esqido for supplying me with the Oh So Sweet Lashes and Companion Lash Glue!

Disclaimer: Esqido was kind enough to send me samples of their products for review purposes.  I wasn't otherwise compensated to write this review, nor was I paid for a positive review.  All reviews are 100% honest.  Always.