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About BeautyFreckled

Being a lover of all things beauty, I was constantly doing research to see what people were saying about products that interested me.  I meticulously read online reviews, and also fell down the rabbit hole and discovered the YouTube beauty community.  Finding a whole community of people who were sharing their knowledge, experiences, and love for makeup was amazing.  Combining my love for writing and my fascination with beauty products was a natural choice - so BeautyFreckled was born!

As BeautyFreckled grew, I realized I was not only meticulously watching and reading makeup reviews, but also baby product reviews and health and fitness items.  I wanted to add my love for baby gear and fitness (especially yoga) with all of you.  BeautyFreckled is constantly adding more content which includes reviews of the fitness and yoga products I use and love, as well as the premiere of BabyBeautyFreckled which delves into what I use for my BabyBeauty and the items she loves too!

Interests:  writing, reading, makeup, music, guitar, the beach, yoga, anything outdoors...the list goes on and on :)

What else?  Stay-at-home mommy to a toddler and Husky rescue...wife...coffee and tea addict...knitter...

Instagram: @BeautyFreckled

Twitter: @BeautyFreckled

Contact me to have your product reviewed: BeautyFreckled@gmail.com


Q:  Why "Beauty Freckled"?
A:  I am a super freckled partly Irish girl who loves to write so when I was thinking up names I decided on a play of a beauty mark and used freckles!

Q:  What is your skin tone?

A:  I am a light to light-medium skin tone.  My MAC shade is around NC20-25, depending on the season.  However, I am a neutral skin tone, but lean more yellow than pink (so NC looks better on me).  When I post foundation reviews, I add all my known shades at the bottom of the post so you can compare if you have a similar skin tone to mine.

Q:  How long have you been blogging?

A:  Since June 11, 2014.

Q:  What made you start blogging?

A:  I loved to watch reviews of the very things I now blog about: baby gear, beauty, and fitness!

Q:  Anything else, or just blogging?

A:  Stay at home mom, blogger, wife, mom to a Husky mix, freckled girl with a lot of passions...

Q:  Do you use affiliate links?

A:  Only sometimes.  I will always disclose posts where affiliate links are used.  Affiliate links let bloggers and YouTubers make a portion of proceeds.  These proceeds let us keep reviewing products for you guys.  I always appreciate the support when you choose to use one of my links :)  See my disclosure page for more info!