Monday, January 18, 2016

YogiBox Unboxing | Yoga Subscription Box Review

YogiBox is a monthly subscription box that provides a variety of yoga related, relaxation,  and spa worthy beauty products, as well as yummy snacks and recipes.  The box is $318 for a year, $154 for six months, or $87 for 3 Months.  So by buying the year up front, you get a discount.  You can also order them as a themed present for a friend for $29.  I thought these would be a great present for a yogi friend, someone who is just starting out in yoga, or someone who may just need some extra pampering.

The box is valued at $57 and each month includes a different yoga sequence, a yoga accessory, a favorite gluten free snack, a hand soap, bath salts or bath bomb, a variety of teas or beverages, and a free recipe.  Shipping is free, which is a great bonus as well.

What was in my box:
- Customized yoga sequence
- Yoga Mat Spray
- 3 Yogi Teas
- Detox Recipe using one of the Yogi Teas
- Kind Bar in Dark Chocolate
- 3 Holiday Hair Ties
- 3 Zen Spa Treatments (soap, bath salts, bath bomb in Peppermint)

Zen Spa Items are "organic, vegan, and cruelty free...designed by fellow yogis with you in mind. Ensure your body soaks up the benefits of your practice 24/7. Both on and OFF your mat" (-from YogiBox website).  You can order the Zen Spa items off the YogiBox website if you need a little extra relaxation.  Their cute seasonal themed hair ties are available as well.

I really love my YogiBox and would definitely recommend them for any yogi or as a gift!  The customized yoga sequence and the yoga mat spray are the products I am most excited to try out first.  The Zen bath products will be great to soothe those muscles after a yoga practice.  Kind and Yogi Tea are already brands I love, so new flavors and products are always a bonus for me to try.  YogiBox offers such a great variety of products that there will always be something for everyone in every box.

To try out YogiBox and get your own box of yoga and relaxation, check them out here.

Disclosure:  YogiBox sent me one box for review purposes.  All opinions are 100% honest and 100% my own.  I was not paid for this review.