Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sally Hansen Brush-On Hair Remover for Face

Sorry for the extreme Holiday break, everyone!  Beauty Freckled is back, and I can't wait to share some new items, and new favorites with you in 2015!  Skincare Sunday is back this week and many new items will be visiting the Freckled One this year :)

First off, we have a necessary evil.  Having darker hair, sometimes hair shows up more where we would rather it...not.  I used to have it waxed, and then sugared (a gentler form of waxing) but hated having to schedule it and pay $8-20 each time, so I tried a few at-home products to take care of this pesky issue.

A college friend introduced me to the Sally Hansen line of hair removal products.  After trying her brush-on kind, I purchased a similar version that comes in a tube (Crème Hair Removal Duo Kit) and has a smoothing lotion that's really calming afterwards.  It was very similar to the brush on version.  I have also tried the pump version, and the pump was constantly getting clogged, so I went back to the brush and have stayed with it ever since!

  • New and improved clean, fresh scent
  • Contains Willow Herb and Pumpkin Seed Extracts, known to help reduce the appearance of hair regrowth
  • Formulated with Vitamin E, known to soften and smooth skin
  • Moisturizing formula gently removes hair
Price: $7.48 CVS [I usually buy it at Harmon inside Bed Bath & Beyond - might be a bit cheaper there.]
Using this product is super easy.  Brush some over that 'stash area, wait ~5 minutes, then wipe off against the hair growth.  It's that easy!

I think it removes the unwanted hair very easily and I only have to use it about once a month or once every month and a half.  The smell isn't the most pleasant, but I don't think any depilatories smell like roses.

Caution!  Leaving this product on for too long CAN leave burn-like red marks, so please be careful!  I have coarse, dark hair, so the 5 minutes is needed for me.  If you have fine, light hair, a shorter time period may be better for you.  Please read all directions enclosed and do a test patch beforehand.  If you feel it starting to burn, remove it immediately.

I want to try the Sally Hansen Extra Strength All-Over Body Wax Hair Removal Kit next for my underarms and bikini area in the warmer months.  Heard great things!