Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Toddler Easter Basket [NO Candy] | Easter 2017

Here is what Baby Beauty got in her 2017 Easter basket...

Moana DVD/Blu-ray
We just got a BluRay player plus these Disney DVDS usually come with the coupon code for the digital download.  We don't give Little Beauty the iPad often, but we do travel on long car rides to our parents so we use it for that.

Moana Plush Doll
Kept with the slightly Moana theme - this was just too darn cute!  Baby Beauty hasn't wanted to put this down and she didn't even finish the movie yet!

Moana Follow Your Heart Color and Activity Book with Stickers
Again, a little something for the Moana theme

Disney Frozen Memory Game
Beauty loves a little game of Memory that came in her Highlights magazine that has different dressed up snowmen.  She lays them all out herself and calls them her "tickets" and always asks to play.  Since they are paper, they are about falling apart at this time.  She loves Frozen so this game was perfect! 

Sesame Street Paint with Water Activity Book - Elmo Imagines
I saw this on a YouTube channel I watch and since Beauty loves Sesame Street, and especially Elmo, right now I thought this would be perfect.

The Eleventh Hour book
I remembered this book from when I was younger, and even though Beauty is a little young for it, I thought she would love the illustrations (what the author is known for) and she could grow into it.  If you haven't seen this book, the book is a game that you need to solve.  It's kind of like Clue but with animals instead of people.  The clues are very cleverly hidden in the pictures and story.

Strega Nona book
This is another book I remembered from when I was younger, and loved all the spaghetti!  Little One got a kick out of it too!

Other Ideas:
Craft Supplies
Play Doh