Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rhoto Cooling Eye Drops

I get "allergy eyes" seasonally and use allergy eye drops, however, there are times where it's more tiredness and redness you want to get rid of.  I read an article ages ago about a makeup artist who used Rhoto Eye Drops on clients (one of which was either Mary Kate or Ashely Olsen) to reduce redness for photos.  I picked up the Rhoto Ice (blue cap) drops for the first time at an NYC drugstore.  That bottle has since expired so I replaced it with the Rhoto Cooling (red cap) version. 

Warning: These eye drops definitely burn a bit on first contact, so be prepared!

Both the Rhoto Ice and Rhoto Cooling give a nice tingley sensation and make the whites of your eyes amazingly white.  They are perfect for waking up your tired, itchy, red eyes.  Who wants red, runny, bloodshot eyes when you spend all that time perfecting your beautiful eye makeup? 

So here are the quick facts from the Rhoto site...

Rhoto Cooling Eye Drops
  • Maximum Redness Relief
  • Whitens & Protects
  • Soothes Up to 8 Hours
  • Refreshes & Lubricates
  • Relieves Burning & Irritation
Rhoto Ice Eye Drops
  • Fast Acting - Soothes Itch & Burn
  • Relieves Redness
  • Hydrates Dry Eyes
  • Refreshes & Soothes up to 8 hours
Price: $6.99
Both versions are great, and a great staple to throw into your makeup bag for clearing redness or refreshing  eyes if any eye makeup bothers you.  I promise your eyes will look so rested, without a hint of redness, that you won't even mind about the bit of stinging at the beginning!