Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Releases from Tommee Tippee

As we gear up to go through our second adoption journey, I've been making lists of what we need, what we can reuse, and what we missed out on the first go-around.

One thing I know I will be using again is bottles by Tommee Tippee.  Baby Beauty loved these bottles and I am excited to use them again.  Not only are they super cute, they are easy to hold (both for mom and dad but also for baby), anti-colic, and BPA free.  They also come in cute colors and graphics.

When I saw Tommee Tippee had come out with some new products, I was super excited!  We loved the brand so much with Baby Beauty and are excited to grow with them.

The Ultra Bottles are like the Closer to Nature Bottles, but the nipple is angled and more on the side, rather than in the middle.  They continue to reduce air intake with their valves, and are BPA free for peace of mind.

Ultra Bottle features from Tommee Tippee's site:

  • Revolutionary, offset nipple for a smooth milk flow.
  • Raised dome on nipple allows for a secure seal, reducing air intake and dribbles.
  • Breast-like shape for a natural latch and easy switching between breast and bottle.
  • Unique, ergonomic bottle shape for greater comfort and bottle control.
  • Super-sensitive valve reduces baby's air intake 
  • BPA-free for your ultimate reassurance.
  • Our Ultra Bottles are compatible with Ultra Nipples only.

  • The Moda pacifiers are so super cute!  They are updated to be reversible so if baby drops the paci and puts it back in, it won't matter which way they put it back in, unlike some pacis which are direction-specific.  This is great hand coordination for baby to learn and pick up on too.

    Moda Pacifier features from Tommee Tippee:

  • Pacifier with a classic shield style but updated with a modern, edgy fashion twist.
  • Reversible pacifier nipple, making it easier for babies to correctly insert the pacifier.
  • All pacifiers are BPA-free for ultimate reassurance.
  • Available in 2 age stages – 0-6m and 6-18m
  • *68% of babies accepted this new style pacifier first time, compared to just 43% for the old style closer to nature design – in an independent product trials conducted by Swift research, February 2013 with 112 UK mothers and babies.

  • I can't wait to try both of these products out with baby #2!  I look forward to seeing what else Tommee Tippee comes out with.  Check out Tommee Tippee products on their site for all your baby needs.  they now have everything from bottle feeding, breast feeding, diapering, feeding including plates and bibs, sippy cups, and more!  They are also available at BuyBuyBaby, Target, and Babies R Us.