Sunday, February 12, 2017

EcoTools Brushes

My collection of EcoTools brushes is growing so I wanted to do a post on them.  EcoTools makes super affordable brushes that are such good quality that I keep coming back to them.

EcoTools are 100% cruelty free, vegan, made with recycled materials, have all bamboo handles, and use eco friendly, tree free packaging.

The bamboo handles are smooth and easy to hold and the bristles are super soft and blend makeup like a dream.  They make all their products in eco conscious practices which is fantastic.  More reason to love them!

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EcoTools Eye, Bronzer, and Fan Brushes

Here are the brushes I own from EcoTools:

Eye Enhancing Duo Set - $5.79 @ Target
I use these double ended brushes almost every time I do my eye makeup.  They are dense enough to pack on color but the bristles are super super soft.  This kit is so affordable and you basically get four brushes for about five bucks!

Domed Bronzer Brush - $7.99 @ Target
Don't let the name fool you here - this brush is great for bronzer, but it's also great for powder and powder foundation.  Great handle, and so soft!

Fan Brush - $4.00 @ Amazon
This is my newest EcoTools brush and I love it!  I thought it might pick up too much color at first but it doesn't - it's the perfect brush for highlighter.  I've been using it with The Manizer Sisters Highlighter Palette and it does great even with the small pans in it.

I will definitely be adding to my EcoTools collection and am super excited about their new line.  They are constantly adding to their collections so check out EcoTools at Target or on their website.