Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: John Frieda Precision Foam Colour & My Color Story

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John Frieda Precision Foam Colour is my absolute favorite drugstore hair color!

My Hair Color Story: I first discovered John Frieda Precision Foam when I couldn't make it to my salon to get my hair colored (I was a level 6 red in Wella at the time) and just needed to touch up my roots between appointments.  So I figured I would try myself, knowing if the results were terrible, my colorist/stylist could fix it..  I picked the John Frieda 4R Dark Red Brown after seeing it on Pinterest, and it didn't turn out too bad considering I had no clue about dyeing my own hair!

After a while, I stopped having time to get to the salon, and the salon dye smell was making me feel crummy so I decided to try doing it myself again.  Back to my trusty John Frieda Precision Foam I went.  For a year or two, I played around between the 4R and the 5R.  I tried the 3VR once and I also tried the Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Ultra Color Intense Red for Dark Hair in Medium Intense Auburn R2.  The Garnier Ultra Color R2 was great for dark hair, but the smell was more like salon color and it was a bit too bright for what I decided I wanted for myself.

I eventually decided to go back to my natural color, which is black.  First I went to the darkest color John Frieda makes, 2A Blue Black.  This color was a tad darker than my naturally black hair and definitely has a blue sheen when the light hits it.  Not like an electric blue that you'll notice right off the bat, but a black so dark it has an almost blue-ish highlight when the light shines on it.

Then I tried the 2N Natural Black which I would say is closest to my natural color.  I used this color for about four or five months to let my hair grow out a bit.  I could go longer between coloring because no obvious roots showed like with the red (just grays, wha wha whaaaa).

Right now, I am back to the 3VR Deep Cherry Brown because it looks dark like the 2N Natural Black but with almost a red highlight or sheen. hair...but better!

I love this dye because it doesn't smell as bad as others (definitely not as bad as salon dye), the foam is super easy to use and covers every hair evenly and beautifully, and the conditioner it comes with it is AMAZING (and I never used to like conditioner!).  The conditioner smells awesome and locks in your color.  You get a lot in the conditioner, definitely enough for the weekly use it suggests and more!

What Comes In the Box:
1 Pair Gloves (heavy duty - much thicker than others)
Developer (Bottle #1)
Color (Bottle #2)
Conditioner - 1.69 oz (Bottle #3)
Foamer Pump
Directions for Full Coverage and Root Application

Price: $11.99 [Target] or $9.99 [Amazon]
Shades: 21 Shades [5 Sheer Blonde, 8 Brilliant Brunette, 4 Salon Blends, 2 Radiant Red, 2 Luminous Black]

1.  Empty the Color (Bottle #2) into the Developer (Bottle #1).
2.  Tip bottle 5 times to mix.
3.  Apply foam to head using either Root Application or Full Head Application.
4.  Wait the 15-30 Minutes depending on which application you chose.
5.  Rinse and use Conditioner (Bottle #3) to lock in!

Colors I Have Used:
5R Medium Red Brown
4R Dark Red Brown
3VR Deep Cherry Brown (what I have been using lately)
2A Blue Black
2N Natural Black (closest to my natural color)

Check out the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour if you're interested in an easy at home dye.